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Jul. 11th, 2006 | 01:24 am
location: home
mood: tired tired
music: Skunk Anasie - Carmen Queasy

i got to thinking today about how long we can go without loving someone.
i mean ive gone over a year now without having sex/loving someone,
and although i thought it would be a major struggle with me, ive found it quite easy.
although i know people have different points of breaking, and whats to stop some one that hasn't
sex for that long becoming A-sexual (where a person doesn't like love and and can go without loving someone.)
where do you draw the line when it comes to the time in between?

i hear all these people complaining everyday "ooooh i haven't had it in a couple of weeks"
so what!! i haven't had it in over a year and you dont see me complaining!
how can we gauge how long one single person can go without having sex.
some people stay virgins all their lives, but haven't yet tasted what sex is like,
and therefore will not need the same amount of love that a regular sexual active person would.
you can't miss something you've never tried, as they say.

there have been points over this long year that i've thought fuck!!!!! i need a good shaggin !!
but i'm not sure that i need love as the next regular joe does, because it hasn't been there for a long time,
you grow used to not having it, and therefore you dont need it. you can yearn for it, and seek it,
but you will never really get it untill your ready to accept the fact that life just doesn't revolve around sex.

trust me my re-virginity isn't through getting my cock chopped off, being ina rural village all on my ownsome
doesn't help that, and thats why i think, it doesn't affect me, because its not in my face 24/7.
although i see it on the all the media levels, you dont think of it as sex, you see it as an ad campaign.
its also not the fact ive gone off sex, i mean i love the thing, but i don't need soome one to love me to survive the surrealism of
normal life.

don't get me wrong i think people in love is the most amazing thing in the world, and your sex life is your own
you can own it or do whatever you will with it.

but i guess what im trying to say is, i dont need a guy to survive anymore, ive found indpendence in sexual frustration,
its a liberating experience not having to think of someone else all the time, or worrying what my partner might
think of my behaviour, i am my own and thats it.

i haven't got another person growing out of me, and i certianly dont need one to survive, its just me growing.
im not activly seeking love, im waiting for it to come to me
and although that maybe a long wait, i dont care because i know, that when it comes
it will be mind blowing. but ill still be craig, not craig + (*partners name)
ill still be me, and i wont change for the person i with, because that person should be with me, for me,
and not because he can see the possibilty of change.

in effect to this whole update;
i guess im just one sexless guy waiting for cupid to finally shot me with his arrow.

i'm now working 7 days a week, and helping out with everything i can! how much butt licking does one guy have to do, to get a raise around here
*second thoughts - ask for one!*
although i do get 24 hours off, just not in a big 'ole block, just spread out over a week!
god ive done too much butt licking !
but still i want a pay rise!

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From: rotten_missy
Date: Jul. 11th, 2006 10:03 am (UTC)

yeah, you deserve a pay rise!
me and laura were talking about this one night- Outside of college, school etc, its hard to meet guys! I mean, it suddenly gets real hard.
I mean yeah, you can pick them up in pubs, but they arent decent!
In september I'll be coming up to my aniiversary of 'no sex' HURRAH- YOUVE GONE A YEAR WITHOUT SEX.
But even when I did last shag (sept 2005) believe me- it was nothing to write home about. I faked it all the way.
So I dont miss sex.
I only want a guy for moments I choose. Like when I feel like I would like to hold someone's hand. 95% of the time I am happy to be alone.
Yeah, i think you can become asexual. Im slowly turning into an old spinster. If I got with a guy and he wouldnt shut up during Shameless or Sex and the City, he would probably get his tongue cut off! Im too used to being single and having it all my way. And as for sex!?!? Well, they could only catch me on a horny moment or a full moon! HAHAHAHAa.
Dont worry craig- I think we should have a party to celebrate our 'no sex' anniversary!

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From: garagedays
Date: Jul. 11th, 2006 11:15 pm (UTC)

i know what you mean, i think ive already turned into a spinster !!
ya know im working 7 days a week and my job has kinda taken over at the mo, so i guess ive replaced my sexual needs with finacial needs, it sucks but its life!
and i want a man that ticks all the boxes and i know hes out there somewhere!! but the thing is im willing to wait no matter how long it takes, my motto now, just look for mr right now and after a while the now part will just fall away and he will become mr right. (if that happens) ill find him one day lol! its all good i suppose! and yeah i think we should celebrate ! a few (or many) drinks somewhere ! *muwa!*
lubs craig.

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From: rotten_missy
Date: Jul. 11th, 2006 10:04 am (UTC)

p.s- I love Carmen Queasy!!!!!

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