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(no subject)

Sep. 24th, 2005 | 04:18 pm

okay so im not back but its an update, you get the picture don't cha !
well its been ages since ive like randomly talked on here but its all good !
and YAY i have the net at home not (adsl) but it has to be wired and stuff before its all up and that
its surprising just how annoying one house can be !
well ive not been up too mucho
just mainly working and shopping buy lots of nice things now iu can afford it!
today ive already brought 2 t-shirts a jumper and a jacket and i dont even know if ive finished buying yet but we'll find out when i look at my bank balance later !
damn my spending habbits!
but on th eplus side the jumper and jacker were something ive wanted for a long time
and i even found them in the sale which is even better !
YAY for sale !
its hard to describe how mucho ive changed since moving
but mainly i'm just more chilled out and more into family and all that !
its all kinda crazy but hey it be all good
im sorry if this isn't very long but its kinda hard to put into words whats
happened over the past like 8 months since ive moved
hello to everyone that i haven't spoken too in a while !
and on that note i would like to say a special hello to lorna !
the one and only !
who i do miss like loads !
i know she might not read this but hey its worth ago huh!
and to lauren (whom i'm not even sure reads this but hey its worth ago)
i never disliked you, just ur boyfriend
i know it went kinda crap but times have changed and so have i, as im sure you have too
and i think we should kinda get past it now
i did text you some time ago but im not sure if you got it, or didn't have any credit
or did and decided not to text back but either way i would still like to be your friend
anyways nuff that !
*thinks of something to write*
mmmmmmmmm this macchiato tastes great !
loving it !
ne ways im off, update some other time
lubs ya'll
lubs (still got it )

(no subject)

May. 20th, 2005 | 12:13 am

okay wales rocks having majorly fun, got job working in ice cream shop/cafe made supervisior 5.75 an hour yay meeeeeee !!
and plus i get to fire and hire ppl!!
go me
craig out!

(no subject)

Mar. 6th, 2005 | 10:51 pm
mood: contemplative contemplative
music: Christina Aguleria - Infatuation

whhhhhhhhot but scary stuff!
the van is booked
im starting packing!
slowing getting my things together!
sorting my shit out!
and my sisters moving into my room!
thats means my whole room has to be gutted out and cleaned!
but thats not a very big job cos my rooms nice and clean so no problammmmmos there then!
i wanna have a leaving party but i can't afford it damn it !
so me thinks its gunna be a drink down the pub !
i know my mum wants to say goodbye to every one so we'll have a joint thingeymabobey!
it aint long till my 18th birthday either, so thats all geewhizzzzz
i dunno what imma gunna do bout that either, stay up there or come down here, ill probally have it up there, then come down the next day or summit!
imma probally gunner have to get the train down then !
10 hours train ride back to gosport from where i will be!
and about 50 change overs ! which i hate with a passion cos i allways think that i will get on the wrong train and end up in godknowswhere!!

i know i talk about moving alot, i mean i have got other things going on in my life, but nothing really to write about!

i think ill write a little leaving speech!!!
LOL !!!
it will read !


and that will be it !
and then every one will applaud and i will bow!
just for politeness of course
not cos im great/fantastic or anything!

on another note, my nan is moving out too, she said that she wants to be alone, and have peace and quiet.
which sucks but hey.
its weird cos one of the reasons i moved in here is cos i didn't want her to be alone, i means shes like 83, shes old, and it scares me too know that shes all alone, but i guess im gunna have to put up with it cos its her choice, and i don't really have a choice in the matter.
that sucks.

*insert whitty caption here to stop depression*

"sex is a drug karen, i should know, i'm a licenced dealer."

hahaha, nope, that didn't help!

anywhoooooooo im off
lubs ya'll

"Pretend To Be Bulemic, Retch A Little" Susan, Desperate Housewives

Feb. 26th, 2005 | 04:41 am
mood: cheerful cheerful
music: P!nk - Most Girls

hey yall
i thought i would update just cos i aint done it in a while!
laurens party tonight, im stoked!
i haven't seen her in like forever,
i guess that its gunna be weird kinda cos i aint seen her in a long time, and the last time we properly spoke we had a spat!
its weird how the pppl weve known for the longest we normally fight with the least, but then when you do fight, its like a major huge ass row, and u don't end up talking for like a long time!
i think it must have been about 3-4 months was the last time we talked, which is weird cos for about 7 years we used to talk like everyday !
i think me and lauren have only had like 2 rows in the whole like 6-8 odd years weve known each other!
i cant even remember what the first ever row was about actually!
but i guess thats a good thing really!
it means that you really accept each other huh!
i mean if you didn't you would fight like alot, or like not even talk!
me and lauren have been friends for like 8 years ! thats such a long time to know some one!
we met in 1997 when we started school and its now 2005 !
fig me, i never thought that our friendship would last aslong as it did!
OMG lauren [Unknown LJ tag] do you remember the time in summer, when we had a picnic in your back garden and had loads of boooze and munch!
and we took pictures of us blowing bottles of whiskey ! and pictures weirdly of our socks/feet!!!!! OMG killer times.
and on a rather odd note, i want to learn how to knit!
id would pass the time, and i can make pretty jumpers which are itchy to fuck!
i could make tableclothes, and doleys, and booties for my meny cousins!
and weird hankercheifs!
thats what im gunner learn cos im just plain weird like that!
i need some new jeans!
and some new belts!
i need all this stuff and being poor isn't helping!
maybe i should marry/get blessed to a millionare!
i could be gabrielleesk!
damn her, shes so pretty it hurts!
i wanna be as pretty as her!
if ya dont know who im on about its gabriel (sp!?) of desperate housewives!
how much does that programme rock ! its the money ! its the sex ! its the bombdiggety ! its scorching ! its hot ! everything ordinary telle isn't!
gotta love it !
HI5 for the lovely ladies on wisteria lane!
my favorite characture has to by lynette tho ! she struggles so much ! having four kids and to be addicted to their a.d.d medication, with a husband whos way on busness most of the time must suck huh!
ooooh little spoiler for UK viewers (i think its true dunno if it is yet!)
Bree's son andrew (??!) turns out to be gay!
i dunno if its hearsay, but its what i heard!
fatboichillin where you up too in the series of D.H.?! where only just up too the bit where gabrille puts on the charity fashion show!?!?!
i wanna know if it gets any better !
cos its the bee's now anyway!
and as they say the only was is up BABY!
i think my favourite line from what ive seen so far, is the bit where every one is sittting round brees party ( in memory of mary alice) and there all discussing secrets and stuff and everyone says something and Bree just comes out with "REX CRIES WHEN HE EJACULATES" that made me piss my pants with laughter!!!!
and OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMYYYYYYYGOOOOOOOOOOWD at finding out who sent the note to mary alice !! that old bitch ! just init for the money !
everyone though it was EDIE but no it was wasss'ehname that edie lives with ! that tried to blackmail susan!!!
the evil bitch!
she was great though !
and wassup up with DANA girl?!
i know zack killed her, but whats the deal?!
i wanna frickin know !
and zack getting it on with julie!
i could frickin rant about it for ever!
its so fucking goooooooood!
well im off folks
lubs ya'll

6 Reasons Why I'm Gay

Dec. 9th, 2004 | 08:48 pm

1. As A Child I Was Overly Fond Of The Nursary Rhyme, Rub-A-Dub-Dub, Three Men In A Tub.

2. I Loved The Spice Girls A Little Too Much.

3. I Grew Up With Only Females In My Household.

4. My First Words Were; Jimmy Choo's

5. I Was Dropped On My Head When I Was 3!.

6. I Was Violently Sick When I Came Out Of My Mothers Vagina.

(no subject)

Dec. 4th, 2004 | 01:02 pm

OMG i went a met joe last night ive been talking to him for about a year and we like only live 5 mins away from each other so i thought i would go and meet him, i took some pot cos i wanted to get wreck and i was so fucking out of it at the end of the night that i ended up buying a pill off some bloke to stop him taking it cos he haden't taken them for 3 weeks so i brought it off him so he couldn't, now i have a pill and nothing to do with it so i may flush it down the toilet!!!
maddness !
that was one weird night !
so anyways i came home ordered a kebab with my sisters and found out i shouldn't have eaten alll the humus to myself !
and then we watch i, robot. and i fell asleep at the goood bit!
but thats okay cos i watched it earlier!
that film does kick ass!
well im off TTFN
lubs yall

(no subject)

Jun. 22nd, 2004 | 09:18 pm